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The AquaPak

The AquaPak

Modern Water offers a suite of skid-mounted and containerised desalination packaged plants under the AquaPak™ brand to treat both brackish and seawater with reverse osmosis. AquaPak™ units are equipped with the components from world leading brands to guarantee a high quality and robust design with long term benefits that include low energy consumption, low maintenance costs and a supply of water that adheres to WHO standards. The AquaPak™ units’ compact and modular design allows for flexibility to suit the client’s footprint and capacity requirements beyond the standard capacity range and in a wide range of applications.

Example Applications

  • Potable, agricultiral or industrial supply
  • Construction sites or camps
  • Resorts or gold courses
  • Temporary supply for breakdown or planned maintenance shut-downs
  • Emergency supply during droughts
  • And many others


  • Short delivery time
  • Quick to install and set up on site
  • Modular (multiple units can be installed)
  • Cost effective
  • Low energy consumption
  • High quality product water
  • WHO guidelines compliant

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Case Study

Modern Water was awarded the Al Bashair Farm brackish water desalination plant contract in August 2016. The contract scope included skid-mounted 100m3/day AquaPak brackish water reverse osmosis unit, installation supervision, commissioning an client operator training as well as ongoing operational support and maintenance.

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