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Bespoke Units

In addition to our standard AquaPak units, Modern Water is able to offer a bespoke design and supply service, for plants of any capacity.

This could be by utilising multiple standard AquaPak units or a completely tailor made design to meet you exact production requirements or space limitations.

Modern Water has an experienced process and engineering design team that have been involved in some of the major desalination projects around the world. This team can work with your specific requirements to develop a cost effective and efficient solution for your water supply needs.

Bespoke plants include:
  • Multiple installations of the standard AquaPak units
  • Reverse Osmosis plants to your specific requirements (space and capacity)
  • Greenfield site developments
  • Retro-fit and refurbishment of existing facilities
  • Small trailer based units
  • Solar power options
To save time and ensure you provide the correct information when making an enquiry, please use the questionnaire below and provide as much information as possible.
In addition Modern Water can offer:
  • Operational audits of existing facilities and advise on energy / chemical consumption savings
  • Operational staff training
  • Maintenance staff training
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