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Forward Osmosis Desalination

Modern Water is the world-leader in Forward Osmosis (FO) based desalination and forward osmosis as a pre-treatment to reverse osmosis. The company successfully developed, tested and commercialised the process, with plants in Gibraltar and Oman.

This patented process utilises the properties of forward osmosis, with its low fouling characteristics – particularly important in challenging feedwaters, and the unique advantages of a recirculating osmotic agent acting in conjunction with the double membrane barrier between the feedwater and the product water.

This proven, reliable and robust membrane process with many advantages over conventional Reverse Osmosis (RO) particularly in high fouling and/or high salinity applications:
  • Inherently low fouling characteristics (both particulate and biological fouling)
  • Reductions in energy and chemical consumption (compared to conventional Reverse Osmosis)
  • Significantly higher availability than a conventional RO plant due to low fouling, simple cleaning and ease of operation – reduced downtime
  • Reduced product boron levels without post-treatment when compared to conventional RO
  • FO + RO is highly competitive alternative to UF + RO with significant process advantages
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