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Efficiency improvements to Multi Stage Flash (MSF) desalination

Significant fuel reductions and/or an increased output from multi stage flash desalination plants can be achieved by increasing the top brine temperature. Modern Water’s multi patented process allows this simply to be done by an osmotic dilution using forward osmosis, thereby opening up a practical way to increase the efficiency of MSF plants, which are the workhorse for water production in the Middle East.

An analysis of a typical power and water plant in the Middle East showed that an 8% reduction in the fuel consumption was possible on the existing plant if this process was adopted.

Modern Water is working with Bilfinger Deutsche Babcock to commercialise this process, with a significant amount of work looking at the economics, which look very favourable.

This forward osmosis process can also be coupled with other thermal desalination processes such as multiple effect distillation.
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