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Evaporative Cooling Systems

Our patented Forward Osmosis (FO) process, allows the use of seawater or brackish water sources to supply high quality ‘pure’ water to the evaporative cooling process simply by the natural process of osmosis.

It exploits, the difference in osmotic pressures between the feed water and the cooling water, such that ‘pure’ water flows across a selectively permeable membrane without the aid of hydraulic pressure. This system is coupled with our patented blowdown recovery process to enable the recovery of the draw solution and the recycling of cooling water chemical additives which would otherwise be discharged to the environment.

This technology extends the applicability of evaporative cooling coupled with significant energy and environmental benefits. It is particularly suited to where desalinated water is currently being used for cooling tower make-up water or where seawater evaporative cooling is being considered.

The process has been demonstrated at a petrochemical complex in Oman.
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